In a Vase on Earth Day Easter Monday…

…the Wild and the Tame

In a Vase on Monday, Earth Day Easter Monday

On this rainy Easter Monday it is abundantly clear that spring has arrived. It’s a busy time of year in every way for everyone I know, including me.

I have decided to take a different approach with my blog post this month and have opted to join a meme that I like to follow; In a Vase on Monday hosted by Cathy of Rambling in the Garden. I have not played this game before, but thought it would be fun to try.

This year Earth Day has coincided with the holiday Easter Monday, and with that in mind I set off this afternoon in the stormy weather, secateurs in hand, rubber boots on feet, to gather what I could find in the way of blossoms for my vase.

It is a bit early here for the garden variety of blossom and in any case the line between our “garden” and Mother Nature’s is decidedly blurry. That’s how I like it, a little bit on the wild side.

While I walked I snipped, ending up with a pretty little bouquet that featured both wild and tame flowers. The “Wilds” include creamy, pendulous, big leaf maple blossom, hot pink salmon berry flowers, round greenish-yellow buds of Oregon-grape, pinkish-purple Pacific bleeding heart, and a sprig of huckleberry for the greens.

For “Tames” I found a small branch of Bosc pear buds on the tree in the orchard, its pink inner heart about to burst open. I added a single scented magenta bloom from the magnolia tree out back. My mother gave us that flowering tree on one of her visits a number of spring-times ago. I do not know its name, the identification label was missing from the pot when we brought it home.

A little farther along I found  a nice bright pink rhododendron bud, soon to be open for the very first time. This also label-less shrub was a rescue plant saved by C. many years ago. He found it at the local Super Store where it was about to expire from dehydration and neglect. Recovering ever since, it has finally produced its first flower buds. We are elated! Shyly though, these first flowers have appeared mostly on the backside of the shrub. We don’t know why.

The rest of the “Tames” include a few tiny forget-me-nots, a couple of mini-vinca, a.k.a. periwinkle, several deep blue, grape hyacinths and a few sprigs of what we call “mother’s menace”. This is a dead-nettle-y, creeping thing with upright sprigs of small yellow snapdragon-like flowers in between its silvery green variegated leaves. If anyone knows the name of this rampant invasive that hitch-hiked here in a pot of something else, I would love to know what it is. We keep it at bay with generous lashings of the weed whacker!

Well then, that’s that! Oh, except for the vase. I arranged my spring-time bouquet simply, in a plain, glass tumbler full of cool water. All the better to see the collection of neutral toned stalks and stems, and so as not to distract from the delicate spring blossoms of my bouquet.

Happy Easter for this year and Happy Earth Day everyday, from this little corner of the planet on this springtime Monday evening.



©ClaudiaLake, 2019


19 thoughts on “In a Vase on Earth Day Easter Monday…”

  1. We found a tulip that the deer missed and garnished it with sprigs of lily of the valley, jacob’s ladder buds, a twig of mint and skirted result with bunches of heather. Fragrant and soothing! Yours looks much better!!!

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  2. I love the effect of the foliage in your vase, Claudia, especially as shown in the first two photos, as it seems to set them off so well, And what an interesting mix of tame and wild you have found. Your mother’s menace is lamium, I don’t know the actual variety – our menacing equivalent has a silvery patterning on the leaf. It does pull out easily but if there is a lot of it I can see that other solutions might be preferable! How exciting to have that rescues rhododendron flowering – we have one like that which had 2 or 3 flowers on it last year for the first time but is full of flower now. Thank you for joining us today and hopefully see you again!

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    1. Thank you Cathy! Glad you enjoyed my bunch of wild and tame blossom, as well as the greens! And thank you so much for identifying the lamium for us! You cannot see it so well in the photos but the leaves on this variety are silvery patterned as well, especially the older leaves of the plant. I quite like the plant and its yellow flowers, but it is so rampant and always trying to take over the place, a bit of a pain to keep under control, and if it gets a chance to go to seed, well, it just runs riot! It was fun to join in and I look forward to the next time. I enjoy looking at everyone else’s vases too. Thank you.


    1. Thank you Cindy, glad you enjoyed my bouquet. I thought yours was beautiful. Loved the white daffs, and that Virginia bluebell is so pretty. I have not seen that plant before, not a wild one here on the west coast. I wil look for it at the garden centre. Looking forward to your next bunch of flowers!

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  3. Happy Earth Day to you! Wonderful idea to combine the wild and the tame, and how lovely they look together. We celebrated Earth Day by staying home, not using the car, and sweeping our patio. Then—oh, happy day!—we brought out one of the patio tables, where we had drinks and toasted Mother Earth.

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    1. Thanks Laurie! Nice of you to say. Great that your snow is all gone and you can actually see your patio to sweep it! It sounds like you celebrated Earth Day most appropriately, so good to be able to sit comfortably outdoors for a change isn’t it?

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    1. Haha, yes it probably did come from me, along with that blasted Sweet Cicely! Sorry! I think it is not too bad if you can keep it from going to seed! I have to say that I have not noticed the bees or hummingbirds going crazy for it. I’m off to pull some out now!


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