More about Drying

a few more details about the process…


The harvest continues here on the island as the temperatures gradually drop and the season changes before our eyes. Summer is really over now. The maple and alder trees are dropping their autumn leaves and the baring limbs stand in stark contrast to the deep green backdrop of the thick coniferous forest behind our house.

I’ve been busy putting the garden to bed for the winter. The last of the tomatoes have been picked, despite still being as green as grass. They will ripen gradually over time, set out on the counter in the cool laundry room at the back of the house. The garlic has been planted in between the rain storms and I finally got around to picking the last of the apples yesterday, filling a large box with lovely crisp, tart-sweet, yellowish green apples from our orchard.

Garlic being planted with organic fertilizer in shallow trenches.

In my last post I wrote about my drying experiments using excess produce from the garden along with the heat from our woodstove. At least one reader indicated interest in the process, so I thought I would share a few more details of my current pastime. Continue reading “More about Drying”

Harvest Time in the 25th Garden…

dscn5633It has been a while since my last post. Sounds like holy confession. The problem is that there is a glut of things to write about and I am having trouble picking one topic and sticking to it. Like most things in life, not just blog posts.

This year I grew my 25th vegetable garden at home here on the island. I can hardly believe that figure; have I really been planting a kitchen garden for a quarter of a century! Am I allowed to swear on a blog! I could write entirely about the garden and never mention anything else in my life, but really, the garden is just one aspect of this island life, though I do spend a lot of my time engaged in it one way or another. Today I am going to narrow it down to a fraction of that aspect, and tell you a little bit about the harvest of my garden, this particular autumn. Continue reading “Harvest Time in the 25th Garden…”

Home Sweet Home….

There is nothing quite as sweet as arriving home after having been away for a while. Several days ago I returned home after a long road trip. I left a couple of weeks ago to travel with my sister, in her older model Ford pickup truck, empty horse trailer in tow, from another west coast island that she is soon to call home, back to her current abode more than a thousand kilometers inland and away from the coast. Continue reading “Home Sweet Home….”

Certificate Error!!

One day after my first post, and already a computer problem has occurred. Just after proudly informing a few friends about my decision to celebrate my 58th birthday by starting a blog about living off the grid on this remote island, I find I cannot actually access my blog when I enter my blog’s web address. Great!! if anyone actually reads this and can tell me how to fix that problem, I would be very grateful. I keep getting a “certificate error” message on my screen…..

Better yet, perhaps I should just trash the entire project. What a waste of time so far!! I am heading out to pull some weeds!

Please can someone out there help me?


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58 years young!

Wow! I have just created a blog. It has only taken me about an hour, not counting procrastination time of undetermined years, to figure out how to get this far!  Being my first ever attempt at the creative art of blogging, it is all a bit of an experiment. I hope you will be patient and bear with me.

Today I am celebrating my 58th birthday! As I set off into the next year it seems like a really good idea to get on with some of the things I have been thinking and talking about doing for the past umpteen decades. Including the creation of this blog, where I hope to jot down some of my thoughts, ideas and observations about my life on this beautiful, remote island off the west coast of Canada.

I came here nearly 25 years ago from the middle of London where I had been living and working for some time. I came here to join my partner and friend, who had made his home on these shores many years earlier. During the past quarter of a century we have raised a family here and made a living in this place. It seems like nothing when written in a short sentence like that, but believe me, it has been a rich and rewarding, as well as sometimes difficult and frustrating, experience.

I look forward to sharing some of these experiences with you, but first it is time for a walk and a breath of fresh air!


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