Merry Christmas…

and Tommy Douglas is an angel!

Here on the Pacific west coast, autumn is coming to an end and winter will soon be upon us. So far the weather has been the complete opposite to what we experienced this time last year, green and mild, not frozen and white. That leaves me feeling pretty jolly for the most part.008

We had a bit of a cold snap way back around Halloween, and recently there have been a number of serious fog events, but on the whole the climate on the islands this December is lovely; mild, with not much precipitation and a fair bit of warm sunshine accompanied by calm seas.

I’ve been poking around in the garden, which continues to provide a good selection of veggies, as well as a place to commune with nature and restore my equilibrium. There are potatoes, carrots, parsnips and swede, Jerusalem artichokes, Swiss chard, leeks, kale, beet greens and parsley, ready to harvest as required.

There are red and green cabbages, Italian cauliflowers and Brussels sprouts, although the Stellar’s jays and the willow grouse have been merrily gobbling up those tender green morsels.


In an attempt to save some sprouts to serve alongside the Christmas turkey, I have thrown an old bed sheet over the bushy green plants to keep the birds off.

The last leaves still cling to a few trees, but most have fallen to the ground. I raked some up for the chicken coop and spread some over the garden beds. The rest will slowly break down and help feed the good green earth.


It is about time to start pruning fruit trees and flowering shrubs, but at the moment I have other priorities. Christmas is coming! I admit I am having a difficult time getting into the spirit of things, and don’t seem to care, which is a blessing really.

To be honest, there has been a medical emergency in my immediate family, and I am focused on this at the moment. In order to protect the innocent, I am not going to go into the details, but I will say that the individual in question is in good hands, recovering from a near death experience, at the brand new hospital in the town nearest to where we live. Self-medevac in the tin skiff through dense fog last Monday morning. Great way to start the week and finish off the year!

We are blessed to live in a country where health care is available to all. I am feeling grateful for a certain politician from the past whose government first introduced the single-payer, universal health care system that is an institution in Canada. Tommy Douglas, you are a hero! Without this public health care system, my loved one would most likely have perished and my family would have been left with an astronomical medical bill; we would have been ruined in every way.

Meanwhile, this post, marking just over one year of blogging for me, is going to be short and sweet. I want to wish everyone, friends and family, new acquaintances and old, a very happy holiday season. Whatever your faith, your culture, your belief system, just take a moment to look at the people you care about and say, “I love you”. Life is short. Things can change in an instant.

Merry Christmas to all and peace on earth for 2018. Long may your guardian angel watch over you.







9 thoughts on “Merry Christmas…”

  1. Dear Claud,
    ‘Life is short. Things can change in an instant.’ How true that is!
    Hope your loved one is well on the way to a complete recovery. Take care of yourself too. Thinking of all of you. Wish you a truly peaceful Christmas.
    Love, MLxxxxxxx


    1. Thanks so much M.L. Yes, recovering well, and bored to tears in the lovely, brand new hospital!! Not his style, at all! Says he has never spent so much time indoors before in his life. Thank goodness he still has one to be in! Merry Christmas to you, love, C.L. xxxxxxx


  2. I am guessing I know the patient. Very sorry to hear there was the need for the hospital. Thank goodness it sounds as if it will be OK. Our love and best wishes. Take care out there……


    1. Yes, JDC, you do know the patient; thanks for your good wishes. I think all will be well now, but definitely a wakeup call. Makes one wonder, yet again, what are we doing out here? I know we know the answer to that. According to the patient, things are going to continue as usual….once he gets home. You can imagine how twitchy he is getting being cooped up in the hospital. Definitely not his style! Hope to see you soon.


  3. Holiday times are both wonderful and stressful at the same time. I hope your family member is well soon and your island life gets back in order. You have a nice sized garden. I enjoyed hearing your list of produce. I have a few of the same items in my smaller float garden. My sprouts aren’t very big yet, but at least we don’t have any birds going after them. Have a wonderful Christmas in your island home. – Margy

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Margy, nice to hear from you. Family member is much better thank you, and will hopefully be released from hospital on Monday. One day at a time….glad the birds aren’t getting your sprouts!! Happy Christmas to you and yours, C.L.


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