Home Sweet Home….

There is nothing quite as sweet as arriving home after having been away for a while. Several days ago I returned home after a long road trip. I left a couple of weeks ago to travel with my sister, in her older model Ford pickup truck, empty horse trailer in tow, from another west coast island that she is soon to call home, back to her current abode more than a thousand kilometers inland and away from the coast.

My Sister and her Ford on the ferry.

We drove across the province of British Columbia (after taking a ferry from the southern Gulf Islands to the mainland) for more than a thousand kilometers, across the great, interior plateau, into the majestic Rocky Mountains, and through to the other side, to the foothills of the Rockies in the province of Alberta and a little town called Bragg Creek.  That is where my sister has lived for the past 30 years or so. Her beautiful place is just outside of the town, about 40 minutes from the city of Calgary.

My sister is in the process of selling her 15.5 acre spread in the Alberta foothills, in order to relocate to the coast. The property in Alberta has been listed with a realtor now, and it is a gem. If anyone is looking for a place to live in that area, and especially if they are interested in keeping a few horses, look no further!

My sister’s horse farm near Bragg Creek, Alberta.

After arriving at the farm in Alberta, we spent a few days packing up horse equipment, tack, electric fencing and hay. My sister’s two horses were shipped by a commercial hauler to the Fraser Valley where they were to be stabled for the night in order to be rested for the second leg of the journey the following day. We followed along in the Ford, once again hauling the trailer in order to pick up and transport the horses the rest of the way to Vancouver Island where they will be boarded until fences can be erected on my sister’s new property on a smaller, neighbouring island. It was a long journey, nearly twelve hours of driving, one way, and my sis did a great job at the wheel. I was the navigator, the chatterer to keep us awake,  and the provider of sandwiches, beverages and chocolate, to keep us nourished and entertained along the way. It was a truly bonding experience.

Me and my Sister, wrinkles and all!

All went well, the horses safely delivered to their temporary new digs, and one more hurdle in the process of my sister’s move, accomplished. It will be one of those experiences that we will both remember when we are little old ladies and no longer capable of such adventures.

©ClaudiaLake,claudlakeblog,Island Time,2016

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